The History of Glass Blowing

In the current world glass materials and products are used in several ways. The use of glass has overtaken materials like timber and galvanized iron in the decoration of houses. An evening party with some cute glasses for wine and other drinks makes the table fabulous. A glass bottle is not just a bottle; shape and design clearly differentiate between the ancient glassworks and the current ones. The process of coming up with a decent glass artwork is not walk in the park for a gaffer. Designing and coming up with a stylish product are duties that she or he must do without questioning.

Mesopotamia has the earliest history of glasswork; the first glasswork records are dated to have taken place at around 1500 BC. The evolution of in the industry has gone through several changes, which have brought about better quality. There are so many steps that glass has to go through before it finally becomes what everyone admires. Glasswork has also taken a different dimension with many people taking it as a decent artwork. Glasswork plays a significant role in homes, schools, and hospitals. The historical work has continued to develop day by day bringing in more new ideas and styles in glasswork.

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The History behind Glass Blowing Pipes

Mesopotamia is a common term for those people love history. Yes, it has some factual history of glassworks. Glass was mainly used in making bottles meant for liquids and decoration. One of the brilliant minds which were behind the success of glass work is Louis Comfort Tiffany. Louis Tiffany was a glass artist who introduced the idea of designing glass for use as in making other items; these glasses were stained and made more appealing.Even though the Mesopotamia has the early records, Italy overtook them in the advancement in glassworks. The Roman Empire also has records of using glass as amulets and beads. Democritus was the first person to use glass to make a magnifying glass; this was a discovery bearing in mind that glass was never used for this same purpose.

Volumetric and Alembic blown glass were the first to be used for in making scientific equipment which was to be used in carrying out experiments in studies. The advancement in years translated to the advancement in glass technology. Glass artists had to hide in the Murano Island in Italy to keep the techniques for themselves. This is the time when glassworks was rapidly spreading in Italy. The hiding of glass artists in Murano made its glass products have value to date.

The 18th century also has some records of microscope lenses which were again another unique products of glass. Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope to enable him to see the small elements that could not be seen by naked eyes. The art of glass blowing has experienced a lot of changes from the present day glass artists.
The glass industry is a multimillion industry which is still experiencing growth that is being contributed by both big industries and small entrepreneurs working by their hands. Glass blowing has given both the smokers and scientists have a good reason to smile.